Google Sketchup for Furniture Design

Google Sketchup is a free, 3D displaying software that allows you to make printable plans of your furniture design. You can use it for fast design, high accuracy, great prototype visualisation, and a reliable way to save time and materials. The program is easy to use and lets you work with multiple designs at once. Whether you’re a first-time user or an expert, Sketchup will give you all the tools you need to design furniture quickly.

Sketchup is a free 3D displaying software

If you’re planning to use 3D modeling software for furniture design, you should take a look at Sketchup. This free software gives you tools that you can use to create beautiful designs and share them with others. It has similar features as paid software, like SolidWorks, and is a great way to design furniture. The great thing about Sketchup is that you can share your designs online, get creative criticism from other designers, and get ideas from other people’s work.

SketchUp also offers an extensive library of 3D models that you can modify to make them unique. Its library contains full models of buildings and furniture, and you can modify them to create your own designs. You can also use templates that are preconfigured with interior details, which will save you time. Though SketchUp is free, you can upgrade to the paid version to get access to more features.

It allows fast design, high accuracy, excellent prototype visualisation and a reliable way to reduce wasted time and materials

Aside from saving time, the rapid physical model creation method is also helpful for evaluating prototype viability. This method has several advantages over traditional methods, including rapid prototyping’s ability to create complex geometric designs. It also helps designers and manufacturers think outside the box to provide innovative ideas and …

Unique Wall Decor Ideas

Fabric and textiles are great options for unique wall decor. You can frame a handmade scarf or a 3-D textile, a vintage doily, or a grouping of handkerchiefs. Framed quilts or a single quilt add texture and warmth to a room. Quilts are also a great option for small rooms, as you can hang them on the wall as a headboard or as a piece of artwork.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves can be a unique piece of wall decor. They feel almost built-in, and can be used as a focal point or to hold smaller pieces. The shelves are also a great way to add a family portrait. They can be used to hold framed family pictures or canvas prints, and they can be moved around easily. These shelves are versatile, so you can easily switch up the decor without re-decorating the entire room.

Framed photography

Feature framed photography for unique wall decor for a stunning, personal touch. The beauty of framed prints is that you can add custom text, choose your favorite frame, and design your own photo collage. The result is beautiful wall art that will complement your decor in every room of the home. Here are a few tips for using framed prints in your home decor. Once you have purchased your framed photo prints, you’ll need to decide where to place them.

Wooden cubes

A unique way to add texture to a wall is to use hand-painted wooden cubes. These colorful sculptures come in different sizes and make an exciting statement. A handmade jempinis wood mushroom sculpture from Bali gives the wall a playful look. Wooden cubes can also be used to display books and photos. These cubes can hold up to 50 photos. You can also add washi tape to create a playful look.


Stores That Sell Cute Trendy Home Decor

If you’re looking for some new home decor ideas, you may want to check out these stores that sell cute trendy home decor. Target is one of the most popular options for affordable home decor and carries a variety of brands including the popular Hearth & Hand with Magnolia. You can also check out the line of home decor from Laura Hodges. Target also offers generous returns policies for home decor items. You can shop for a new look without worrying about spending a fortune, thanks to their generous one-year return policy.

Shop Target’s home decor online

If you’re renting a new place or want to upgrade your existing home decor, Target has many affordable options. Their home furnishings and rugs are available online in a huge variety of styles and price ranges. If you’re a college student or first time homeowner, Target has an amazing selection of affordable, on-trend home accessories. Whether you’re updating your bedroom, living room, or kitchen, Target has a home decor solution for every budget.

When choosing new decor, you should look for homeware items that will complement your existing style. For example, you might like an old-fashioned analog clock. Though clocks have long since gone digital, you can find ones with great reviews and a vintage feel. If you’re not sure which clock to choose, you can try using the Honey Chrome browser extension. It’ll help you find hidden discount codes and other deals that Target doesn’t advertise.

Shop Etsy’s home decor

With the recent lockdown of many schools, many people have found themselves confined to their homes. This free time can be a time for boredom, and people have turned to the internet to find unique and creative home decor items. Although the home decor niche is not as popular as it once …

TAFE NSW’s Fashion Designer Studio

The Fashion Design Studio is the student’s private space. It is strictly for the use of Fashion Design students during the semester. Upper-class students are issued a key at the beginning of each semester. The key must be returned promptly or a lower grade will be assigned and the student may be charged a replacement fee. It is the student’s responsibility to lock the doors after class time and to keep the keys on them at all times. Instructors do not have the right to let students in and out of the studio, so they must respect this rule. They also should stay outside the studio space designated for students’ use.


At TAFE NSW’s Fashion Designer Studio, students learn the art of fashion design from a highly skilled instructor. Graduates are trained in couture, illustration, patternmaking, and styling. Students learn the principles of design, and apply them to the real world by completing a project with an industry partner. They then participate in internships to gain valuable industry experience. The studio also hosts an annual graduate fashion show, FDS Innovators. The show is exclusive to students from this Sydney school, and has launched the careers of many successful graduates, including Nicholas Huxley.

Sydney’s Fashion Design Studio is home to one of the most respected fashion design programs in the country. Its alumni list includes Dion Lee, Nicky Zimmermann, and Akira Isogawa. The program prepares students for careers as a fashion designer or creative director. TAFE NSW’s Fashion Design Studio has over 60 years of excellence in fashion design. The School is also the only Australian school to receive placement in the world-renowned Afterpay Australian Fashion Week, where Australia’s leading designer brands showcase their resort collections. Fashion Week’s Innovators Showcase is regarded as one of the most exciting events …