How to Decorate Your Living Room on a Budget

One of the best ways to decorate your living room on a budget is to add pillows to the sofa. Pillows can add the perfect touch of texture and comfort to the room, while pillows in a complementary color can add an extra splash of style. Here are a few ideas for decorating your living room on a budget:

Soft pink is a neutral base for designer room accessories

A soft pink color scheme can be a stylish way to add a pop of color to your room. Although this color has a traditional association with women, it can be a versatile neutral base for accessories. It’s not only great for bedroom walls, but can also be incorporated into the design of living room furniture and accessories. Pink also works well in eclectic, modern, and classical rooms. Adding pink accessories to your home can be an affordable way to add a fresh look to your home.

Nesting coffee tables

If you are looking for stylish furniture for your living room, consider choosing Nesting coffee tables. This type of furniture comes in a variety of shapes and materials. You can choose from two-piece tables or three-piece tables. Metal-framed nesting coffee tables are versatile and universal. They will blend in with many different decors. In addition to their functionality, Nesting coffee tables are great for small spaces. These tables have a modern look and are made with durable materials.

Ombre carpet

You can make a beautiful statement in your home with an ombre carpet. This rug is usually made of different colours which gradually fade into each other. It will add a touch of cool sophistication to your interior design. It can also improve the natural light in your room. Here are some tips to use an ombre rug in your home. …

The Key to Luxury Bedroom Decor

The key to a luxurious bedroom is secondary lighting. A bedside table lamp is a tried and true classic, but it’s important to choose one that exemplifies luxury. Asymmetry is an excellent design tool, so consider using a Vibia slim LED pendant on one side of the bed next to a globe table light on the other side. Both will create a sense of symmetry and luxury. Whether your space is large or small, a bedside table lamp is an indispensable part of a luxurious bedroom.

Interior designer Kelly Behun’s Living Gallery

If you’re looking for a new way to decorate your bedroom, Kelly Behun’s Living Gallery may be just the place. The gallery features pieces from an array of manufacturers and artists, including Dashiell Manley, Anish Kapoor, and Kelly Behun herself. There’s also a dedicated e-commerce website that displays current offerings. Guests can shop for pieces from the gallery’s website or buy them directly at the gallery.

The Living Gallery was designed by Behun, who is an ELLE Decor A-List designer. She has collaborated with the Rug Company and Hudson Valley Lighting to create a capsule collection of four rugs that can be customized for any space. The Living Gallery is also home to Behun’s extensive art collection, including exclusive artwork and pieces from Anthropologie. Behun also works with the Hudson Valley Lighting company to create collections of lighting for the Living Gallery.

Luxurious Antonovich Design Team

To ensure that the entire decor of the bedroom is luxurious, the Luxury Antonovich Design Team carefully selected materials and complemented them with the ideal combination of interior design and artistic decorations. The bedroom is complete with an exclusive ceiling and an impressive chandelier. Its perfect lighting creates a cozy ambiance. Moreover, it has a large sitting area and a spacious bathroom. …

TAFE NSW’s Fashion Designer Studio

The Fashion Design Studio is the student’s private space. It is strictly for the use of Fashion Design students during the semester. Upper-class students are issued a key at the beginning of each semester. The key must be returned promptly or a lower grade will be assigned and the student may be charged a replacement fee. It is the student’s responsibility to lock the doors after class time and to keep the keys on them at all times. Instructors do not have the right to let students in and out of the studio, so they must respect this rule. They also should stay outside the studio space designated for students’ use.


At TAFE NSW’s Fashion Designer Studio, students learn the art of fashion design from a highly skilled instructor. Graduates are trained in couture, illustration, patternmaking, and styling. Students learn the principles of design, and apply them to the real world by completing a project with an industry partner. They then participate in internships to gain valuable industry experience. The studio also hosts an annual graduate fashion show, FDS Innovators. The show is exclusive to students from this Sydney school, and has launched the careers of many successful graduates, including Nicholas Huxley.

Sydney’s Fashion Design Studio is home to one of the most respected fashion design programs in the country. Its alumni list includes Dion Lee, Nicky Zimmermann, and Akira Isogawa. The program prepares students for careers as a fashion designer or creative director. TAFE NSW’s Fashion Design Studio has over 60 years of excellence in fashion design. The School is also the only Australian school to receive placement in the world-renowned Afterpay Australian Fashion Week, where Australia’s leading designer brands showcase their resort collections. Fashion Week’s Innovators Showcase is regarded as one of the most exciting events …

How to Make a Dollar Tree!

If you want to decorate a home that feels like it’s off the wall and out of the average home decor circle, you might want to consider some high-end modern home decor ideas. What I’m talking about is using everyday objects in unconventional (but very good-looking) ways to create a focal point or even just add some interest. It can be done with just about any old item. For example, maybe you have a lot of cheap plastic dishes laying around your house. You could easily glue one to a chair or even a shelf.

If you’re thinking of doing something different with your modern home decor, you’ll need some inspiration. For today’s DIY project, you’ll be making some very high-end, custom-looking, dollar-store-inspired decor using many very inexpensive items. This is the best spring/summer project, and hey, hi crafted family! For today’s modern home decor project, are some great, cheap items to use as a focal point:

* A beautiful, colorful wicker washstand with some very large, bold flowers on it would be a great accent piece.

* Large, cut-out windows look great in modern home decor ideas. They could be framed with some nice, wide glass wall art. And yes, we said modern.’

* A very nice wicker coffee table with an ornate mirror on it would be a very pretty addition to any modern home decor. (Or you could put one together yourself from parts of old blankets and old boxes from the thrift store.) (You may need to find a needlepoint frame to hold the mirror to prevent it from wobbling and tumbling!) Or perhaps you’ve got an empty, cardboard milk crate that you can paint or cut to use as a table cloth!

* One other item that you may want to add to …

Beauty of Color Olive for Home

Olive green is often considered an old-fashioned color in the interior design world. However, when used properly, the colors can exude the elegance of a room.

Green is one of the primary colors that is often used in building interior designs. The colors are used to create a more lively and cheerful home atmosphere.

One type of green that happens to be trendy is olive. Unlike the bright green color, olive has a dark and dense base color. This color was claimed to be one of the old-fashioned colors that must be avoided.

However, as the times evolved, interior designers found a way to collaborate olive color without making the house look outdated.

Home Interior Design Inspiration Using Olive Color

1. Start Small

Beauty of Color Olive for Home

If you are afraid to decorate the interior of your house using olive color, start from small things like the picture above.

Olive green curtains go well with wooden furniture because they share an element of ‘earth’ tone.

Besides making the room look fresh, the combination of these two colors will also bring a natural feel to the house.

Choose a thick, volume curtain to make the room look filled.

2. Use of Olive Green in the Open Room

Beauty of Color Olive for Home

Olive green is able to absorb light, so make sure as much as possible not to fill the room with only 1 color.


You see, the light absorbed by the green color will turn pale white.

If the room is dominated by olive green, the interior will look dead.

You can combine this dark green with different colors like black, brown, maroon, or orange.

3. Olive Color In Home Furniture

Beauty of Color Olive for Home

Olive green color is not recommended for use in the hallway of the house. Without light, the color will make the room appear narrower. Apply olive green …