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Fashion Design StudioFashion design and style studio is designed for creating an interactive and stimulating understanding and teaching atmosphere for design and style nourishment, ITC has redesigned and reconstructed the complete of the QT wing on the 6th floor to a brand new Fashion Design Studio under a single roof. The game throws you into the life of a character that you design and you are provided ten years to go from waiter (or waitress) to something you want to be. A sturdy grasp of style history, theory, and the cultural relevance of clothing encourages style output generated by inspiration and study rather than trends. Examples of historical and qualified art and style are presented so that students might recognize their influence on contemporary design and style and to relate their personal design and style efforts to a larger cultural context. AUT’s Head of Fashion Style, Dr Yvonne Chan, also presented her research on Intelligent Textiles. Emphasis is placed on the creation of powerful fabric boards relating to certain design and style path.

The welcoming atmosphere of the studio and the encouragements from Laurie make me feel like I can sew anything! The second half of the semester is spent building individual style concepts from Fashion Design and style I and offers the chance to place into practice principles learned, including crucially how garments fit the human body. You will encounter by way of design and style studio projects a diverse variety of learning experiences and disciplinary positions. To assure employees and students benefit completely from our facilities we have two complete-time style technicians that oversee the studios and operate with all students helping them build their design function.

Working with an industry specialist, students knowledge very first-­‐hand how fabrications are taken to the next stage of the design method in the production of garments, accessories and idea pieces for a wide range of markets levels.

Style Design students study the processes, procedures, and tools necessary to develop design concepts across formats – 2D and 3D styles, digital and hand drawings, flat patterns, and fully constructed garments – though developing the essential abilities they have to have to evolve into a versatile style skilled.

The a lot of elements of successfully running a style company are broken down into crucial places where students learn that design talent is just a smaller aspect of operating a effective business enterprise. Designing outerwear also introduces students to an understanding of how climate can effect on the design and style and merchandising of a collection or range. Budding style designers can produce beautiful outfits utilizing the stencils and patterned paper, then add sticker accessories such as shoes and handbags, and rub on transfers for dangly earrings and hair accessories to add the finishing touches. This is totally contrary to how you are taught in college to style or make art.