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Frugal Home Fashions – Home Fashions on a Budget

Frugal Home Fashions – Home Fashions on a Budget
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Interior design can cost an absolute fortune – but it doesn’t have to. Read on for some quick and easy tips to give your home a new look without breaking the bank and on a budget. Whether you have recently moved or just want a new look – home fashions come and go after all – here are several ways to get a new look for less.

Declutter before you Redecorate

Do you need to redecorate? Or do you need to simplify? Try getting rid of some of the clutter (hey you could even sell it on eBay and make a bit of cash) – it will make your spaces look bigger without any building work or design tricks!

Clean before you Repaint

Clean everything – have you ever noticed just how clean show homes are? You probably can’t live in a house without cables, remotes, or towels, (all tricks used in the trade) – but you can at least give everything a good spring clean. Before you decide you need a new carpet or drapes – hire a steam cleaner and see how they come up – you may well be surprised.

Rearrange before you Purchase.

Rearranging furniture costs nothing but time – but can make a huge difference. Maybe its time that decorative trunk came out of the master bedroom and into the family room – or vice versa. Try out new arrangements – if its winter you probably aren’t using the indoor-outdoor flow to the patio as much. Move furniture around to focus on the fireplace instead of the outdoors.

Check out the Second Hand Shops

Currently, there is a lot of furniture which has a retro 1970’s look – particularly sideboards and entertainment units. They cost a mint and look great. Guess what you can buy the original 1970’s items for a fraction of the new items – and they still look good – but you just saved 90% of the cost!

Recover or Dye Don’t Replace

Bored with the couch? Try getting it recovered or buy new slipcovers for it. The cream carpet may have to go but – get it redyed not replaced.

Cheap and Cheerful Works

Although spending good money on a quality lounge suite or a comfortable bed is a good investment. But if you want some new pictures why not create your own? Get some of your photos enlarged and mounted. Or buy a cheap and cheerful print – it won’t last long – but you will be bored with it in a year or so anyway.