Eco Friendly Furniture Materials

If you are interested in purchasing eco friendly furniture, there are a number of options available to you. Some of these include cork, hemp leather, and Hemp fabric. While they are not as common as other natural materials, they can still make a stunning addition to your home. If you are thinking of purchasing an eco-friendly sofa, there are a number of things you should consider.


Cork is a sustainable and recyclable material that’s perfect for creating beautiful furniture. It is also lightweight, comfortable, and warm. Cork has been a popular material for furniture throughout history. In its mid-century heyday, visionary designers like Frank Lloyd Wright used cork in his work. The material is waterproof and insulating and can be easily recycled. Cork comes from cork oak trees, which are native to Portugal and Spain. Its harvesting doesn’t cause any harm to the trees.

Cork is also resilient, making it a good choice for furniture and flooring. There are a few different brands of cork products on the market, including Jelinek Cork Group, Ecohaus, and Simple Forms Design. Simple Forms Design, a Portuguese design studio, has designed a cork bath collection that won the 2008 REDDOT Design Award. Their collection includes geometric laser-cut mats and soap dishes.


Hemp is an extremely sustainable material. Its production absorbs more CO2 than it produces, and all of the chemicals used are fully recyclable. This makes hemp the perfect choice for eco-friendly furniture. Hemp is also a biodegradable fabric. While it has been off the radar for several decades, hemp is now making a comeback.

You can make eco-friendly furniture from hemp fabric, which is available in large quantities online. Another material made from hemp is hemp wood, which is harder than oak and is becoming a popular choice for home furniture. …