Bali Blinds Clutch Parts

If you own a cellular shade, you may need to replace its clutch cover or cord loop. You can also find replacement brackets for honeycomb/cellular shades. These parts will allow your shades to move up and down, as required. In order to determine which replacement part you need, you should check the model number on your shade.

Replacement clutch cover

Replacement clutch covers are used to mount a window treatment to a wall or ceiling. These parts are often made of plastic and are available from many online vendors. There are two types of clutches, one for cellular shades and one for honeycomb shades. The two are similar and both use a cord loop to move the shade up and down.

Bali LightBlocker 1″ aluminum blinds are made of 6 or 8 gauge aluminum and are scratch, stain, and dust resistant. Moreover, the natural wood shades are a perfect fit for today’s decorating trends. These shades are made from bamboo reed, sisal, and grass cloth.

Replacement cord loop

Cellular shades are operated with a cord loop. The loop is part of the clutch mechanism that moves the shade upwards and downwards. It comes with different shapes and sizes, and is compatible with various brands. For instance, Graber makes loops for cellular shades, while Bali manufactures loops for pleated shades.

When the cord loop of your window treatment wears out or breaks, you may need to replace it. Fortunately, there are replacement parts for this part available. You can replace the cord loop on many different types of blinds, and you can save money by using genuine Hunter Douglas parts.

Brackets for honeycomb/cellular shades

If you want to install honeycomb shades, you’ll need brackets. These shades usually have a hook on the top and a spring at the back that clips …