Tips For Colorful Eclectic Home Decor

If you love to travel, consider bringing some of your favorite souvenirs back home. You can display these on a gallery wall or use them as decorative accents on the coffee table or mantle. You can also use items from your favorite place as inspiration for colorful eclectic home decor. You can put a favorite movie or TV show or a favorite band’s picture in a unique frame and hang it above your couch. Alternatively, you can buy a customized frame and fill it with your favorite souvenirs.


The key to creating cohesion in a room with contrasting styles is to use repeating elements to bring everything together. Use a common thread like color or texture to tie all the pieces together. A piece of art, a textile or a wall hanging, or an object can also provide a unifying element. The more common elements a room has, the easier it will be to create cohesion.

The first rule of cohesion in colorful eclectic home decor is to use a single unifying colour throughout the room. This colour can be a single hue or a softer variation. The designer Rachel Castle uses a range of primary and secondary colours throughout her home, including desaturated blue and green. She also uses a tone family in her pieces. To make it easier for you to match and coordinate different shades, consider choosing the same accent colour in several rooms.

Odd-numbered groupings

If you’re going for a whimsical, eclectic look in your home, you can opt for odd- numbered groupings. Unlike the rule of three, the odd-numbered grouping of objects creates a more visual impact. Whether the groupings are made up of flowers, candles, or other items, they should be of varied shapes and sizes. In addition, the focus today is on …