Traditional King Bedroom Sets

Traditional king bedroom sets typically feature chests. These are reminiscent of traveling chests of generations past and are typically made of marble or leather. They can also be made from solid wood. Solid wood pieces are less expensive, lighter, and last longer than pieces made from other materials. Whether you want a wooden chest or a leather one, you can find one to suit your style.

Solid wood

Traditional king bedroom sets are available in a wide range of materials. Some pieces are made of solid wood, while others are made of composite materials. Although solid wood is a more expensive material, it is durable and looks great. Some pieces are made from light woods such as pine, while others incorporate hardwoods. Solid wood is also more durable than composite materials like particle board, which is made of small pieces of wood that are pressed together.

A traditional king bedroom set typically includes a dresser, which is an integral part of the ensemble. A dresser usually has at least five drawers, but may have more. Some are made with a single vertical row of drawers, while others may have two sections. Some dressers may have a flat top, which doubles as a stand for picture frames and knick knacks. Others may be used to store toiletries.


The Northville Queen Bed Set features a marble top and footboard, and includes a marble nightstand and dresser. The other components of the set include a chest, vanity, and dresser mirror. If you are looking for more rustic and traditional furniture, you can also look for a piece that is made of solid wood.

The carved details on the dresser and the drawers are exquisite, adding a touch of traditional style to this elegant bedroom set. It also features antique hardware and scrolled …