5 Modern House Interior Design Ideas For a Simple Modern House

When designing small modern houses, Onile uses the concepts of “returning to ritual” and “open floor plans.” He also incorporates personal history and practiced tradition into his spaces. His preferred pieces are those with a sense of movement and history, or those with the ability to tell a story. He is inspired by artists working in a variety of disciplines. One of his favorite artists is a Japanese painter named Isamu Noguchi.


A simple modern house interior design is a great option for anyone who is looking to live in a stylish home without a lot of clutter. A modern home has a simple, clean design with an emphasis on functionality. Instead of cluttering the rooms with furniture, utilize wall space for shelves for books, decor, and flowers. Interior design ideas for a simple modern house can be made by DIY enthusiasts and are great ways to expand your creativity.


If you’re looking for a fresh new look for your home, consider going for a minimalist design. This design style emphasizes the importance of balance, proportion, and harmony. Keep your furniture and accessories in proportion to each other. Also, keep your furnishings and accessories in a harmonious and complimentary combination. Minimalist homes often feature floor-to-ceiling windows. The result is a minimalist design that’s easy on the eye.

Open floor plan

An open floor plan allows you to create a more expansive look and feel in a small modern house. This design style is ideal for small homes, as the footprint of urban lots has been shrinking over the years. In addition, the lack of interior walls can make a small house seem much bigger than its actual size. The open floor plan design allows you to make the most of your home by removing the walls between rooms. …