Unique Wall Decor Ideas

Fabric and textiles are great options for unique wall decor. You can frame a handmade scarf or a 3-D textile, a vintage doily, or a grouping of handkerchiefs. Framed quilts or a single quilt add texture and warmth to a room. Quilts are also a great option for small rooms, as you can hang them on the wall as a headboard or as a piece of artwork.

Floating shelves

Floating shelves can be a unique piece of wall decor. They feel almost built-in, and can be used as a focal point or to hold smaller pieces. The shelves are also a great way to add a family portrait. They can be used to hold framed family pictures or canvas prints, and they can be moved around easily. These shelves are versatile, so you can easily switch up the decor without re-decorating the entire room.

Framed photography

Feature framed photography for unique wall decor for a stunning, personal touch. The beauty of framed prints is that you can add custom text, choose your favorite frame, and design your own photo collage. The result is beautiful wall art that will complement your decor in every room of the home. Here are a few tips for using framed prints in your home decor. Once you have purchased your framed photo prints, you’ll need to decide where to place them.

Wooden cubes

A unique way to add texture to a wall is to use hand-painted wooden cubes. These colorful sculptures come in different sizes and make an exciting statement. A handmade jempinis wood mushroom sculpture from Bali gives the wall a playful look. Wooden cubes can also be used to display books and photos. These cubes can hold up to 50 photos. You can also add washi tape to create a playful look.