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Beauty of Color Olive for Home

Beauty of Color Olive for Home
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Olive green is often considered an old-fashioned color in the interior design world. However, when used properly, the colors can exude the elegance of a room.

Green is one of the primary colors that is often used in building interior designs. The colors are used to create a more lively and cheerful home atmosphere.

One type of green that happens to be trendy is olive. Unlike the bright green color, olive has a dark and dense base color. This color was claimed to be one of the old-fashioned colors that must be avoided.

However, as the times evolved, interior designers found a way to collaborate olive color without making the house look outdated.

Home Interior Design Inspiration Using Olive Color

1. Start Small

Beauty of Color Olive for Home

If you are afraid to decorate the interior of your house using olive color, start from small things like the picture above.

Olive green curtains go well with wooden furniture because they share an element of ‘earth’ tone.

Besides making the room look fresh, the combination of these two colors will also bring a natural feel to the house.

Choose a thick, volume curtain to make the room look filled.

2. Use of Olive Green in the Open Room

Beauty of Color Olive for Home

Olive green is able to absorb light, so make sure as much as possible not to fill the room with only 1 color.


You see, the light absorbed by the green color will turn pale white.

If the room is dominated by olive green, the interior will look dead.

You can combine this dark green with different colors like black, brown, maroon, or orange.

3. Olive Color In Home Furniture

Beauty of Color Olive for Home

Olive green color is not recommended for use in the hallway of the house. Without light, the color will make the room appear narrower. Apply olive green color on the wall, better used on furniture only. Combined with white and bright lighting, the hallway in the house will look more elegant and spacious.

Other color blends that can blend smoothly are yellow, red, and orange.

4. Olive Green in the Bedroom

Beauty of Color Olive for Home

Bedrooms need special attention, because not all shades and combinations of olive green interiors can bring natural nuances into the room. Sometimes, the color can also make a room look monotonous.

Then, what if you want a room with a matching color scheme?

You can combine olive green with grays and browns like the image above.

The room doesn’t look pale, but it’s soft and certainly still elegant.

5. Beautiful and Calming Bathroom

Beauty of Color Olive for Home

Do you want to create a bathroom with a calming nuance?

You can use olive green as your dominant color!

Just look at the bathroom interior picture above.

Without too fancy decorations, the bathroom still looks beautiful, elegant, and comfortable.

However, if you want to decorate your bathroom to look more luxurious, use metallic colored displays.

Whether it’s golden or silver, the light reflections of the metallic hues will make any bathroom look modern and glamorous!

6. Make the Kitchen Look Clean

Beauty of Color Olive for Home

Olive color can help your kitchen look cleaner and fresher.

Whether it’s on walls, floors, or furniture, all kinds of dirt in the kitchen are guaranteed to be less visible.

This is because the nature of the olive green color attracts attention and exudes a fresh aura.

Not only that, according to psychology, green can increase appetite.

Perfect for use in the kitchen!